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2K injection mould and machine

Release time: 2020-05-12

2K injection mould refers to a mould in which two plastic materials are injected on the same injection moulding machine and moulded in two times, but the product is only moulded once. 2K injection mould is a relatively advanced injection mould, which is produced using a specific 2K injection moulding machine. There are two nozzles on the injection moulding machine that can directly inject two different plastics. There are now extended products on the market, such as three-color machines. Its two colors of plastic are injected on the same pair of moulds. When injection moulding, it is produced by rotating the back mould of the mould. In this way, the rotation of the mould is avoided, and the product can be directly formed, which ensures the uniformity and accuracy of the product position, and the product pass rate is very high. In addition, 2K injection moulds can realize automatic production, and the output of products is relatively high.

Features of 2K injection moulding machine

1. The whole machine is of modular design, and the mould part and the injection part can be combined in various ways to expand the selection range;

2. Two sets of independent parallel injection parts can be tailored according to the product requirements of the injection glue, which increases its flexibility of selection;

3. The screw and barrel are made of imported high-quality alloy steel, treated by ion nitrogen, which has the advantages of corrosion resistance, wear and long life, and can be equipped with special screws according to the characteristics of the engineering plastics produced;

4. Two sets of injection parts can be injected at the same time, 2K products are moulded at one time, greatly shortening the moulding cycle.

5. The mould clamping parts adopt the structure of an involute oblique row five-point toggle lock cabinet, and various parameters are determined by computer-specific software after optimized design.

6. Two sets of independent hydraulic ejection system, can choose a variety of ejection methods;

7. The dual-station two-way 180-degree moving mould plate transfer plate is driven by a high-performance directional proportional valve to control the hydraulic motor or servo motor. The mould pressure and speed are controlled in stages to ensure fast, stable and accurate mould transfer;

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