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2k injection moulding

Release time: 2020-04-22

2K injection moulding is an innovative manufacturing process used to produce complex moulded parts of multiple materials. 2K injection moulding involves injecting two different components into a mould, which can avoid assembly and can be used for multiple product designs in all industries. This allows us to integrate multiple attributes into one product: for example, a layered product, a combination of hard and soft plastics or used to make different color combinations. Simultaneous injection of hot plastic components will produce very good adhesion, causing the materials to "melt" each other. This creates a high-quality connection while having the advantages of two materials with different characteristics.

Benefits of 2K injection moulding

This technology uses two-component injection moulding technology to produce a fully assembled product, so the part does not require further secondary processing. This means that cycle time can be increased, a constant process, higher efficiency and avoiding manual insertion. And because there is no need for post-processing or assembly, the use of two-component injection moulding can also save a lot of costs.

2k injection moulding application

Daily necessities industry, industrial, electrical products industry, etc., such as washbasins, storage buckets, toothbrush handles, two color cups, two color helmets, car armrests, and household electrical insulation series

Minghao mould can provide high-quality and high-yield 2k moulds. At the same time, we can provide 2k injection moulding services. We can provide customers with 2k injection products according to customer's product requirements and output requirements.

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