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China 2K mould manufacturer

Release time: 2020-04-20

China 2K mould manufacturer, Minghao mould. Here you can buy high-quality 2K mould, high-capacity 2K moulding machines, and 2K moulding equipment.

2K mould have high requirements on mould accuracy and mould movements in mould manufacturing. If the processing size has a slight error, it will cause the product to be crushed during injection moulding. We have advanced high-precision processing equipment, professional project management team and perfect after-sales service system. When each 2K mould is started, the project manager will organize relevant personnel to analyze the mould's running track, cooling, and the runner system.

The 2K toothbrush is a common daily necessity, which is touched almost every day. The 2K toothbrush has different styles and colors. Common toothbrush moulds are 2K toothbrush moulds, and have 8 cavities and 16 cavities. Because the toothbrush needs to be injected twice by a 2K moulding machine, the machining accuracy and matching requirements of the mould are very high. Today, disposable injection-moulded toothbrushes have become a reality. Such injection-moulded toothbrushes are often used for hotels and hotels.

If you have new projects that require 2K moulds, 2K toothbrush moulds, 2K toothbrush handle moulds, please contact us, we will provide you with better service!

1. Product name: 2K mould

2. Origin: Taizhou Huangyan

3. Manufacturer: Minghao Mould

4. Steel: S45C, P20, 718H, 2738, 738H, NAK80, SKD61, etc.

5. Hot runner: Anole, YUDO, HASCO, M-H-R, etc.

6. mould accessories: HASCO, DME, PUNCH, JINHONG, etc.

7. Design software: Autocad, UG, Catia, Solidworks ...

8. Optimize the design of circulating water, improve production efficiency and reduce your costs.

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