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How to make a plastic chair mould?

Release time: 2020-11-17

plastic chair mould

Minghao Mould is a very professional injection mould manufacturer, and it is also considered the industry leader in the field of plastic chair mould manufacturing. Chairs are essential furniture in daily life. There are many different types, from shapes to materials to moulding techniques. Chairs generally use PP (the shrinkage rate is generally 1.6), and sometimes calcium carbonate (not more than 20%) is added to make the appearance of the product plump without a microcosm.

How to make a plastic chair mould?

  • 1. The ejection mechanism of the plastic chair mould:
  • The distance between the slider thimble and the thimble plate should be reasonable and sufficient. Generally, the ejector of the slider is 130mm, and the ejector plate is 80mm, special circumstances are considered separately
  • 2. Plastic chair mould production cycle: about 45-50 seconds.
  • 3. The gate method used: hot runner large gate to side gate.
  • 4. Steel material and hardness of chair mould: If the requirement is not very high, recommend P20, steel material hardness HRC33. For customers with high requirements, DIN 2738 can be selected, and the hardness of the steel material is HRC35-38.
  • 5. Plastic chair mould life: steel material P20 is not less than 500,000 moulds under normal use, and steel material DIN 2738 is more than 1 million moulds under normal use.

Inspection points of plastic chair mould

  • 1. Huff line: can not paddle hands;
  • 2. Superimposition: After the chair is formed, we need to check its superimposition effect. Ensure that more than 10 chairs are not tilted after being stacked and are easy to separate;
  • 3. Lighting: Good brightness and good moulding surface.
  • 4. Weight: Generally, the weight of the chair is 2.2kg. Overweight will increase the cost of customers and cause loss of profit. If it is too light, the wall thickness will be reduced and the quality of the product will not meet the standard.
  • 5. Load-bearing: Will the plastic chair be deformed? Generally, we use one hundred kilograms of material instead of labour in the test, and stack them for 24 hours. The deformation distance between the four legs cannot exceed 3 cm.

How to make a high-quality plastic chair mould? We have to choose a high-quality mould manufacturer. Minghao Mould is China leading plastic chair mould supplier, we have produced more than 500 sets of chair moulds.

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