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How to make plastic chair mould?

Release time: 2020-10-21

plastic chair mould

The steel material of the plastic chair mould is generally P20 or 45 steel. To go through forging, CNC milling rough machining, CNC milling finishing and other processing procedures. The plastic of the chair is generally PP, and sometimes calcium carbonate (not more than 20%) is added to make the appearance of the product plump. PC (fully transparent) plastic is also used, but there may be a lot of bubbles due to poor exhaust and other reasons, the cost is higher, and the surface treatment of steel is also different. The steel material of the PC transparent chair mould is generally DIN 1. 2738, and the hardness can reach HRC32-36.

Plastic chair moulds are generally cold runners with large gates, which are ejected with a thimble. If it is taken out by a robot, the ejection is upward, and if it is automatically ejected, it is flipped downward.

There are several special requirements for plastic chair moulds:

  • 1. The Huff line is better and does not grind your hands;
  • 2. The exhaust effect should be good, otherwise the plastic products will have black spots, etc., and the serious ones will be burnt;
  • 3. The stacking effect should be good, stacking 10 chairs vertically without tilting, the distance between the two chair legs should not exceed 60mm when stacking, And it should be easy to separate after stacking;
  • 4. The mould should be highly polished, because the chair is a daily necessity, so there should be no flash, burr, etc. to avoid scratching the skin.

Minghao Mould has mature technology in making chair moulds, and produces about 200 sets of plastic chair moulds a year. The flower plate of the back of the plastic chair mould can be interchanged in different colours according to your production requirements. At the same time, the cushions can also be interchanged, and the pattern can be changed on the machine without removing the mould. When you have a plastic chair project development, we can provide you with various plastic chair design and appearance design. For example, plastic beach chair mould, children chair mould, rattan chair mould, office chair mould, etc.

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