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Ten characteristics of two color mould

Release time: 2020-05-06

two color mould: two plastic materials are injected into the same injection moulding machine and moulded twice, but the product can only be moulded once. This process can make the appearance of the product more beautiful, and the color can be easily changed without spraying, but the cost is expensive and the technical requirements are high. Minghao two color moulds started early, and has rich experience in the manufacture of two color moulds, especially the two color automobile taillight parts, which provides products for many well-known corporate giants. Minghao is good at manufacturing two color mould, and can transform ordinary injection moulding machines into two color injection moulding machines.

Ten characteristics of two-color mould:

1. The two shapes of the female mould are different, one product is formed separately, and the two shapes of the male mould are completely the same. (Note: If there are any differences, please make the slide of the female mould to ensure the consistency of the male mould)

2. After the female mould and the male mould are rotated 180 degrees from the center, they must match. The inspection must be carried out during the design process, which requires high positioning processing of the mould base.

3.  Please carefully check other reference data of this type of injection moulding machine, such as maximum mould thickness, minimum mould thickness, KO hole distance, etc.

4. When designing the second injection of the master mould, in order to avoid the insertion (or scraping) of the second master mould when moulding the product for the first time, you can design the part to avoid. However, we must carefully consider the strength of each sealing position, that is: In injection moulding, will the plastic deform under high injection pressure, resulting in the possibility of a batch front in the second injection?

5. During injection moulding, the size of the first injection moulded product can be slightly larger, so that during the second moulding, it can be compressed with another punch to achieve the sealing effect.

6. Please note that during the second injection, will the plastic flow impinge on the first moulded product and deform its adhesive position? If possible, we must find ways to improve.

7. Before closing the moulds of A and B plates, should you pay attention to reset the slider of the master mould or tilt the top and crush the product? In this way, we have to find a way to first make moulds on A and B plates, and then we can reset the slider or tilt top of the master mould.

8. The water layout of the two female and male moulds is as complete as possible, and balanced and the same.

9. In 10.99% of the cases, the hard rubber part of the product is injected first, followed by the soft rubber part of the product. Because soft glue is easily deformed.

10. In order to make the "stickiness" of the two plastics closer, the "stickiness" between the materials and the roughness of the mould surface must be considered.

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