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What is 2k mould?

Release time: 2020-06-12

Application of 2k mould:

  • 1. Product function requirements: power switch, mobile phone keys.
  • 2. Feel requirements: some hand-held products, such as power tools, toothbrush handles, vacuum flasks.
  • 3. Aesthetic requirements, such as logo, require beauty without being worn away.
  • 4. Product local area needs electroplating.

2k mould design considerations

  • 1. The two materials are compatible. Assuming that the two materials are incompatible, you must make a reverse button in the first cavity to buckle the second material, otherwise it will fall off. In order to make the two plastics "stick" tighter, some ribs are needed to enhance adhesion. The surface roughness of the mould, the smoother the surface, the tighter the "stick".
  • 2. The melting point of the first injection material must be higher than that of the second material.
  • 3. Note that during the second injection, whether the plastic flow will affect the first moulded product and deform it.

Advantages of 2K mould:

  • Optimal adhesion of elastomers to plastic parts
  • No additional assembly steps
  • Fast cycle time
  • Low processing
  • Highly automated
  • Stable production process
  • Economic unit price
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