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finding a supplier of double color mould

Release time: 2020-10-14

double color mould

Are you still worrying about not finding a supplier of double color mould? The company, Minghao mould specializes in producing double color moulds.

Double color moulds are becoming more and more popular in the market, because this process can make the appearance of products more beautiful. The double-color mould has a unique double-station bidirectional 180-degree turntable movable template design. Two sets of injection parts can be injected simultaneously. The double-color product is moulded at one time, which greatly reduces the moulding cycle. Double color products are formed at one time, eliminating the need for assembly or insert moulding and placing procedures, and improving production efficiency. ,

Double color products are common in daily necessities, home appliances, and industrial products. In daily life, our common double color products include toothbrush handles, toilet brush handles, electrical decorative panels, etc., double color moulds require a lot of mould processing accuracy and assembly accuracy high.

Minghao Mould has high-quality design, high-precision processing, strong management team and excellent after-sales service. If you want to purchase double color injection moulds, then please contact us. For many years, we have provided global plastic products customers with double color plastic moulds used in various industries, and can provide customers with a complete set of double color injection moulding production line construction according to customer project requirements. Included in the whole project

  • 1. Product design and development, product data establishment.
  • 2. Project investment budget and cost control.
  • 3. Provide high-quality double color moulds, double color injection moulding machines, and other auxiliary equipment used in injection moulding production lines.
  • 4. Personnel training, machine installation and adjustment and other services.

Minghao look forward to providing you with fast, high-yield, high-quality double color moulds, and double color plastic product production line construction services. If you need these projects, you are welcome to inquire.

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