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plastic chair mould

Release time: 2020-11-05

Plastic Chair Mould

Minghao Mould, which has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing injection moulds, has gradually entered the global market. Every year, the company's four mould production lines can produce 1500-1800 sets of injection moulds, of which about 1,000 sets are exported to customers in South Africa, South America, Europe, North America, Asia and other regions.

Minghao Mould provides customers with armchair moulds, children's chair moulds, armchair-free moulds, two-color chair moulds and gas-assisted chair moulds. We provide a complete plastic chair moulding solution, from the customer's conceptual design, to product design, rapid verification, mould manufacturing, etc.

The weight of a chair is between 1.5kg and 2.5kg. If the cooling water temperature is around 10°C, its cycle is basically between 35s-50s.

The true service life of a plastic chair mould should be the number of chairs produced without defects. Minghao's chair mould has undergone three rigorous processing procedures: from rough processing to steel hardening, we added a semi-finishing process. Under normal circumstances, we will leave a tolerance of 0.3mm, and then wait for the stress of the steel material to release, and then carry out a full finishing. Strict process requirements and advanced production equipment make our chair moulds perfect for a long time.

The plastic chair mould is light and strong. The uneven wall thickness of the parting line was considered at the beginning of the design of our mould. This problem is perfectly solved through high-precision processing technology.

Plastic chair mould is one of the very mature projects of our company. We provide more than 50 kinds of plastic chair mould designs for customers to choose from. Moreover, the design engineer will change the product design according to the customer's preferences and requirements until the customer is satisfied.

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