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plastic household mould

Release time: 2020-10-30

plastic household mould

Minghao Mould are a manufacturer of injection moulding household moulds. We have exported households to the world for more than 20 years. Plastic household mould is one of the products of our company. Our professional household moulds include:

Plastic chair moulds, such as armchair moulds, no armchair moulds, children chair moulds, folding chair moulds, office chair moulds, gas-assisted chair moulds, etc.

Plastic table moulds, such as round table moulds, rectangular table moulds, table leg moulds, etc.


Our plastic household mould design has two advantages:

Plastic household mould design greatly affects the size of the mould. We designed the mould size to be as small as possible, so it needs a smaller injection moulding machine, which is conducive to energy saving. The appearance of household products has high requirements. Therefore, the cooling system is very important. We design the cooling channels as close to the product as possible and increase the number of cooling channels to enhance the cooling effect. If your household has special requirements for special design, we have a strong professional team to provide you with customized Plastic household mould solutions. In order to make the plastic household more beautiful, we can consider IML (in-mould label) labeling. The label can be customized, and the label is durable and does not fade, keeps it bright and beautiful, and makes the product more beautiful.

If you are interested in our Plastic household mould, please contact us, we are Minghao mould.

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