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toothbrush two color mould

Release time: 2020-04-29

Minghao Mould is a well-known two color mould manufacturer in China. Since about 2005, Minghao has been investing in the development and manufacture of two color mould, and now has a very mature and advanced production capacity of two color moulds. Decades of manufacturing experience in the field of high-end two color moulds. In daily life, there are many products that need to be moulded with two color moulds, such as two color toothbrushes, two color cups, two color car lights and so on.

Such as two color toothbrush, usually composed of PP and TPE parts. As a two color mould, it is necessary to consider the operation principle of the two color mould and the two color injection moulding machine. Some two color machines have their own turntable system. If there is no turntable system, Ming Hao's two color mould is generally injected with the main body of PP, and then transferred to the other side by using the rotating system of the machine or mould to inject the TPE part with another screw. Then hold the pressure, cool, and open the mould to complete a production cycle.

Precautions for two color mould

  • 1. mould steel, available H13 or 420H
  • 2. Leave 0.07 ~ 0.13 in the sealing position of soft rubber
  • 3. The softening temperature of the two materials must be at least 20 different
  • 4. If the toothbrush two color mould includes TPE, the exhaust depth is 0.01MM
  • 5. The reasonable ratio of glue thickness between the bottom product and the plastic part is 5: 4
  • 6. The flow channel should not be polished, leaving traces can help mould release.
  • 7. The shrinkage of TPE will change the depth of dermatoglyphic.

Minghao is a professional manufacturer of toothbrush two color mould. It is exported to Europe and America all the year-round. If you want to know more about two color moulds, please contact us!

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