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Two color injection mould

Release time: 2020-09-17

At present, two color products of two different plastics or two different types of plastics of the same type and different colors have been popular in the market, and the appearance of the two color products is more beautiful and more comfortable to use.

Two color plastic products are injection moulding machines that use two injection systems to inject different types of plastics or the same types of plastics with different colors into the mould cavity at the same time or one after the other. This moulding method is called two color injection moulding. The mould that completes two color injection moulding is called two color injection mould or two-component injection mould.

Two color injection moulds can be roughly divided into two categories. One is mixed-color two color injection moulds, that is, two nozzles of the injection moulding machine alternately inject materials of different colors into the same cavity to form colorful products without obvious boundaries; the other It is a two color injection mould in which different plastics are injected twice by two nozzles.

Two color injection moulds vary according to the nozzle structure of the injection moulding machine. When designing a two color injection mould, two sets of moulds must be designed at the same time. The two fixed mould cavities of the two sets of moulds are usually different, while the two moving mould cores (cavities) are the same. In injection moulding production, two sets of moulds are injection moulded at the same time, and each injection moulding cycle will produce a single-color semi-finished product and a two color finished product.

The two color injection mould must use a special injection moulding machine. During injection production, the cycle injection action of the first injection (first color) and the second injection (second color) are completed respectively by exchanging the cavities.

Advantages of two color mould

Two color mould can combine two different resins and colors into a single two color product, which can reduce the assembly and post-processing engineering of moulded products, save the cost of melting and printing, increase the beautiful visual effect of the product, and improve the grade and quality of the product. additional value. Some two color plastic products are made of flexible resin material, which not only has the functions of anti-skid and increased friction. The flexible resin material makes it more ergonomic and feels better. two color injection products have high quality stability, easy control of product deformation, short moulding cycle, high output, 7% lower loss than overmoulding, and product manufacturing costs 20% to 30% lower than overmoulding.

Compared with ordinary injection moulding, two color injection moulding has the following advantages.

  • ① The main raw material of plastic parts can use low-viscosity materials to reduce the injection pressure.
  • ② The main raw material of plastic parts can use recycled plastic, which is environmentally friendly and economical.
  • ③ It can meet the special requirements of some products and make the plastic parts more beautiful and colorful. For example, soft plastics are used for the surface materials of thick finished products, and hard plastics or foamed plastics are used as the main plastics to reduce weight.
  • ④ Lighter or cheaper plastics can be used in unimportant parts of plastic parts to reduce product costs.
  • ⑤ You can use expensive and special-performance plastics, such as anti-electromagnetic wave interference, high-conductivity plastics, etc., in the important or special parts of the plastic parts.
  • ⑥ Proper combination of surface material and core material can reduce the residual stress of the moulded plastic part, increase the mechanical strength or optimize the surface performance of the product.

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