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two color injection principle and advantage

Release time: 2020-06-05

Advantages of two color injection:

The two color mould can convert two resins and colors with different characteristics into one two color product, which can reduce the assembly and post-processing of moulded products. Save the cost of melting and printing, and increase the product's beautiful visual effect. Not only does it have the functions of anti-skid and increased friction, the flexible resin material makes it more ergonomic and feels better. two color injection moulding products have high-quality stability, easy to control product deformation, short moulding cycle, high output, the loss can be 7% lower than plastic injection moulding, and product manufacturing cost can be 20%-30% lower than plastic moulding.

Principle of two color moulding

Two color injection moulding usually refers to the moulding of two colors or different types of plastics. The two groups of injection units of the two color machine are separated separately, so the color of the finished product is mostly two color distinct, without mixing together. The biggest difference between the two color injection moulding machine and the general injection moulding machine is the design of the movable template of the injection unit. Generally speaking, the two color machine has two sets of separate injection units, while the general injection machine has only one set of injection units. The configuration of the two groups of injection units has various forms according to the design of each manufacturer. As for the design of the movable template, it is necessary to provide a rotating mechanism, such as adding a turntable or shaft mechanism to provide 180° reciprocating motion. The rotation function makes the mold alternately cycle. Other special two color molds do not require a turntable or shaft mechanism, and the molds can alternately slide or rotate horizontally.

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