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two color mould

Release time: 2020-04-17

The two color mould is a relatively advanced injection mould, which is produced using a specific two color injection moulding machine. There are two nozzles on the injection moulding machine that can directly inject two different plastics. There are now extended products on the market, such as three-color machines. Its two colors of plastic injection are on the same pair of plastic moulds. During injection, it is produced by rotating the back mould of the plastic mould. In this way, the upper and lower moulds of the plastic mould are avoided, and the product can be directly moulded, which ensures the uniformity and accuracy of the product position, and the product pass rate is very high. In terms of product production time, the two color mould can be automated, and the output of the product is relatively high.

The matters needing attention when designing and injecting two color moulds are:

1. The arrangement of the two cavity and core is as full as possible, and balanced and the same.

2. After the front mould of the mould rotates 180 degrees from the center, it must coincide with the rear mould. You must pay attention to this when designing.

3. In 99% of cases, the hard rubber part of the product is injected first, followed by the soft rubber part of the product. Because soft glue is easy to deform. Plastic materials with high moulding temperature are moulded first, and those with low moulding temperature are moulded first.

4. In the design, please carefully check the parameter data of the two color mould injection moulding machine, such as the maximum thickness of the mould, the minimum thickness of the mould, the distance of the top rod hole, etc.

5. During injection moulding, the size of the first injection moulded product can be slightly larger, so that it can be pressed tighter with another cavity during the second moulding.

6. The two shapes of the front mould are different, and one product is formed separately. Then the two shapes of the mould are exactly the same.

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