Minghao engineers had very rich experience and comprehensive development spirit

Mould Design Equipment Service Technology

Introduced Japan's MORI SEIKI High Speed Machining Center

Minghao Mould Co.,Ltd. is specialized in making pallet mould, ice cream box mould, turn over box mould, plastic chair mould, office chair mould etc. We have the excellent process equipment and the advanced CAD/CAE/CAM technique equipment, and integrate rich experience in producing mould, so that it guaranteed the level of our technology and the quality of moulds.


Excellent quality, from professional manufacturing

We also offer the technical skill and creativity to recommend tooling modifications and design changes in order to maximize your production and minimize product costs. Additionally, tool life will be extended through our in-house maintenance program, further enhancing tool productivity. Minghao has extensive experience with both hard and soft tooling. Soft tools, usually made from an aluminum alloy, may be suggested when parts and production requirements do not justify the expense of hard tooling with a life or capacity that far exceeds the product's production requirements.

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